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We don't spend enough time outside

Enjoyment, Livability, Exploration

The world isn't flat

Site Planning, Grading, Drainage

There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen

Community Planning, Consensus Building

Your time is valuable


There is no Planet B

Land Use Planning, Sustainability


Site Planning, Grading, and Drainage


While many architects initially think about their buildings as sitting on ground as flat as their desks, the reality will always set in that the world isn’t flat. There are views, there is rainwater, there are accessibility issues- and there are artful ways to handle these realities and there are clumsy ways. 

By including a landscape architect early in the process, you benefit from our skills at visualizing landform and integrating inevitable level changes into cohesive site plans.


At this Concord residence, our early involvement helped ensure that house looked well grounded, despite the fact that it needed to be raised 4’ above pre-existing grades in order to avoid a high water table. In addition, we were able to facilitate the preservation and transplant of important trees, which further grounded the new building. 

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