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We don't spend enough time outside

Enjoyment, Livability, Exploration

The world isn't flat

Site Planning, Grading, Drainage

There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen

Community Planning, Consensus Building

Your time is valuable


There is no Planet B

Land Use Planning, Sustainability


Community Planning, Consensus Building


Weather you are a municipality hoping to bring a wide range of constituents on board for a vision of a new park, or family thats needs to prioritize the vegetable garden v. the basketball court, our services help build consensus around a shared vision. Our focus on testing options allows stakeholders to see the implications of various ideas and have a conversation about the best way forward

We use a variety of tools to help get everyone looking in the same direction: Plans, Sections, 3d Models, renderings,

On-Site mock ups, opinion surveys. Whatever it takes to understand the parameters, test the possibilities and build excitement for a vision. 

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