Drydock 4: Gray – Blue – Green

Boston, MA

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Crowley Cottrell was one of a range of firms and artists invited  by ArchitectureBoston to submit ideas that transform Dry Dock No. 4 into a signature park.

gray — blue — green is a public park that contrasts microcosms of urban, coastal, and pastoral landscapes. The basin and piers of the existing dry dock organize the landscapes into bands, and each plays with visitors’ relationships to the horizon and waterline. The gray band is at city level and connects to the neighborhood’s sidewalks and streets; a community center at the far end has a green roof from which you can see the harbor and islands. The blue band uses the depth of the former dry dock to lower visitors below sea level and immerse them in the space. The green band uses fill to create constructed drumlins that provide elevated prospects over the site, the harbor, and back to the city. Interspersed throughout each band are opportunities for active and passive recreation in unique settings, creating new life on the harbor.