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New Hampshire Senior Living

New Hampshire

A new senior living residential development in New Hampshire is conceived of as a new urbanist community.

It will provide a range of commerical and recreational amenities tailored, but not exclusive to seniors. The landscape is intended to have a close and mutual relationship with the buildings and provide spaces for active and passive recreation and for commerical and communal gatherings.   

The site features an urban core with streetscape and entry plaza for drop-off, outdoor seating for restaurant and café, and a water feature. Other landscape spaces provide strolling paths through native meadow and tree plantings and a community park for active recreation (pickleball courts, dog run, bocce court, and raised vegetable beds) and a village green for community gatherings. A sensory garden is located near intensive memory care. The landscape also features private residential garden terraces for ground floor units.

Though the site presents difficult topographic challenges, the connections throughout the buildings and the landscape will be ADA accessible. 

Team: Crowley Cottrell, DiMella Shaffer